Ann (Sirinut) Khamla

Ann’s life started in a suburb of Bangkok. Ann lost her parents at a very young age. After the very untimely passing of her parents, Ann and her sister were raised by their maternal grandparents in Thailand. Ann’s grandfather imparted all of his culinary skills on a young and impressionable Ann. Around 18 years of age Ann and her sister moved to Canada where they were welcomed by their two Uncles. Later on in life Ann opened a restaurant in New Westminster. After a couple of years she opened her downtown Vancouver restaurant under the same Mango Thai name as it is known today. The original Vancouver Mango Thai was located on Davie Street (and Butte). After six years it garnered a significant culinary following. However, during the last year the rents were increased significantly. The decision was made to find a new location. Ann looked everywhere for a new location; including Vancouver, Surrey, Nanaimo, Duncan and Victoria. Ann finally found a location in Langford, BC that suited all of her needs. Mango Thai was re-launched in November 2018.

Ann is now joined by her son, Matt Khamla (Chef in training). Matt will be focussing on providing new and innovative Thai dishes, with a focus on seafood. Watch for our new “Chalkboard Specials”.

We welcome you to the new home of Mango Thai in Langford, BC.